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Med Extender

In today's world, the importance of "quality and reliable products , foreign purchase" is not hidden from anyone. Most countries in the world have trade relations with each other due to the diverse distribution of production factors in different regions.

Med-Extender Gmbh as a manufacturer company , is one of the most reputable and leading German private production companies that is engaged in production of bio-nanotech products in therapeutic , cosmetic , bio-supplements and human & animal tissues , also engaged in , production of traditional & herbal products like as extracts, oils , essential oils , medicines , supplements and customer ordered products in bio-nano technology and herbal industry .
Med-Extender Gmbh as a supplier company , is also involved with supply , procurement , importing, exporting and logistics of products, goods and raw materials required by factories and customers . In this regards not only we can produce and deliver all of the products in bio-nanotechnology and traditional & herbal field based on our customer request , but also We cover all of the relevant supply and procure of materials , medicines , goods and business procedure for our customers , including purchase orders, transportation, insurance, clearance and delivery of goods and materials to the customers and also production of high quality products.
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We cover all of the relevant procedure for our customers , including purchase orders, transportation, insurance, clearance and delivery of goods and materials to the customers and also production of high quality products.

About Product

Production of biotechnology & nanotechnology , traditional and herbal products and materials with the latest tissue engineering technology and herbal new born technology is our manufacturing activity in our Med-extender Gmbh production institute . Our quality assurance in our production line is based on international standards like as FDA QSR21 , ISO 13485/ 2016 , MOH /65273027 ,MOI/ 60556 , ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001.
All employees strive to provide better services , materials and products for our customer satisfaction in order to develop quantitative and qualitative activities, So that people all over Germany, as well as EU countries, have the opportunity to have the highest quality products, goods and raw materials at reasonable prices.
One of the company's strategies is to use modern and advanced methods and systems in order to accelerate customer service and continuously improve the internal and external processes of activities. Therefore, with the aim of empowering, developing, improving and strengthening various industrial and manufacturing sectors of Germany and other European Union countries by improving the quality level, this company accelerates the production and supply of various products in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price.

objectives of the company

The objectives of the company in carrying out its activities as a mission with full compliance with standards , laws, approvals, regulations and instructions, relying on and emphasizing the principle of customer orientation and observing the rights of stakeholders are:
1-production of the best quality products with new technology in the fields of bio-nano products & traditional & herbal products including but not limited to therapeutic products , cosmetic products , biosupplements , human & animal tissues , herbal and traditional products like as extracts , oils , essential oils , supplements , bee products like as propolis products and customer ordered products.

2-Continuous presence in the market of German and other countries of the European Union and global markets and benefiting from the majority of these markets in order to provide products and needs of production, service and commercial sectors of the customer.

3-Identify the best manufacturers of raw materials and products in accordance with the standards of the German and European Union and the world, which are world-renowned and are among the world's leading brands.

4-Performing internal and external obligations, using the necessary facilities and mechanisms for the correct implementation of missions with special attention to three important business principles, namely competitive price, high quality and on-time supply of products.

5-Distribution and delivery of products and raw materials as soon as possible and in the shortest possible time to all parts of Germany and the European Union.

6- Provide warranty, support and after-sales service for all products sold.

7- Identifying and introducing the latest technological advances and developments in the field of product production and supply to customers to improve quality and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

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