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Med-Extender Gmbh is engaged in production , supply , procurement( import & export ) of products , goods and raw materials required by factories and honored customers based on the science , experience and according to international standards .

Medex employees strive to provide better services , materials and products for our customer satisfaction in order to develop the relevant fields So that people all over Germany, as well as EU countries, have the opportunity to have the highest qualified products, goods & materials at reasonable prices at the earliest convenience timing based on modern and advanced methods and systems for customer services. With the aim of empowering, developing, improving and strengthening various industrial and manufacturing sectors of Germany and other European Union countries , this company accelerates the production and supply of various products in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price with the based quality .

Med-extender Gmbh , is involved in different activities including Production of products in Therapeutic , Cosmetic ,Supplements ,Human Tissue products , Herbal & Traditional products , Propolis Products and Custom-order producs .

We are involved to Supply & procurement of materials and products in Traditional & Herbal ( extracts , essential oil ,material,medicine ,supplements ,Medicinal dried plants) , Bee products ( food grade Honey , medicinal grade honey , Propolis products , Bee pollen , Royal Gel , Bee venom) , Bio-Nano , agriculture industry , Food industry , Diagnosis & treatment products , Chemical Materials & products , Human & animal , tissues , and also in Customer services (Import & Export) .

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