Medex Strategy

“Our strategy is market internationalization, business diversification, and industrial development and high technology production in bio-nano fields ” In order to reach our goal we have learned to utilize the most up to date and most recent techniques.


Our goal is to serve the merchants, manufacturers and customers , to develop the fields .

Vision , mission and values

The secret of success of Med-Extender Gmbh is, speed, accuracy and integrity in all operations and provides the most appropriate strategy to protect the economic interests of our honorable customers


Medex Mission

Medex Mission – ‘To deliver innovative products and materials based on customer requirement and of origin that can promote customer satisfaction . It is our mission to deliver the maximum benefits to our customers by developing innovative and high quality products for different indication.

Medex Vision

‘To be useful and leader in the customer field ’ In the coming 5 years, based on our superior platform technology, our constant scientific discoveries, and our commitment to continuously build the commercial infrastructure. Over years ago, as the miracle company in the fileds , As the market heats up and competition increases, we plan to stay ahead of the curve by expanding our overcoming regulatory and reimbursement barriers. Based on our edge in scientific and knowledge and our commitment to invest in our technology, we see medex at the forefront of this evolving industry within 5 years.

Medex Values

To provide guidance as to how we behave and conduct our business, our Executive Leadership Team developed the following principles
* Place customers first with high quality products , materials and services based on Honesty , responsibility , Proper and fast response to customers and colleagues , Mutual respect, order, honesty and justice , team work , Customer Orientation , Do the right thing , Focus on planned goals and improvement projects , Smart work with creativity
* Expect excellent performance with integrity
* Promote innovative production technology