Med-Extender Gmbh as a manufacturer company , is one of the most reputable and leading German private production companies that is engaged in production of bio-nanotech products in therapeutic , cosmetic , bio-supplements and human & animal tissues , also engaged in , production of traditional & herbal products like as extracts, oils , essential oils , medicines , supplements and customer ordered products in bio-nano technology and herbal industry .

Med-Extender Gmbh as a supplier company , is also involved with supply , procurement , importing, exporting and logistics of products, goods and raw materials required by factories and customers . With the aim of empowering, developing, improving and strengthening various industrial and manufacturing sectors of Germany and other European Union countries , this company accelerates the production and supply of various products in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price with the based quality .

Supply of goods and materials , procurement and customer services in export &import of materials and production of bio-nanotechnological products are the main field of our activity.

Based on skilled & experienced staffs , Medex Gmbh , could accompany your requirements from the beginning to the end of the procedure. In this regards, Contact Us and receive the necessary services .