Custom order ( import &export )


We are proud to provide customer order services for import & export of materials ,products and goods for our customers based on Reasonable price, quality and time.

Based on skilled & experienced staffs , Med-extender Gmbh , could accompany your requirements from the beginning to the end of the import & export procedure .

In this regards, Contact Us and receive the necessary services .

Generally , our services support includes flexibility in the terms and conditions of payment, the best method for import & export , reduction of the delivery time ( receiving to delivery of the order), ….

Export procedure :

Selling goods to people across borders has a different culture, and unique customs depend on modern knowledge. Exporting and selling goods in foreign markets has certain subtleties and sensitivities. We are ready to export all your goods and products to the target countries under agreed terms. In order to export your products and goods, as soon as we receive your request with an experienced team appropriate to your product, we will enter the export process and perform it by following steps :

1. Marketing and finding customer goods (marketing)

2. Bill of Loading

3. Packing

4. Determining the customs duty of goods (Pricing / Costing)

5. Receive a license to export goods from the relevant bodies (RCMC)

6. Declaration of goods to customs

7. Insurance of goods and contracts with carriers (Insurance)

8. Get an inspection certificate

9.Obtaining a certificate of origin and issuing a sales invoice (Certificate of Origin)

10. Export

Import procedure :

The steps for importing goods from foreign countries are as follows:

We are ready to import all the goods you need from foreign countries with optimum conditions .

When we receive your import request , our expert team will play for you .

After finding the right source of goods (manufacturers or contractors) and ask them for a price, we will enter a sample and then enter the specialized section of importing goods such as: obtaining a proforma invoice , determining how Payment (sending remittances), determining the time of delivery of goods, determining the time of transportation, insurance, concluding a contract between you and us and then customs clearance of goods including: determining the tariff of goods, the type of currency allocated to goods, calculating the cost price and schedule To place an order for the goods, we will obtain the necessary permits and provide you with the quality, price and time you want.

Please contact us to import the goods and find out about the process of foreign purchases.