Supply & procurement of Traditional & herbal extracts & oils

Providing traditional & herbal extracts & oils and materials needed by any company or anyone is our art and one of our activities.

These extracts & oils including but not limited to Herbal , medicinal and traditional extract & oil of Sweet almond , Bitter almond , Black seed ,Castor , Hazelnut , Coconut , Cannabis ,Pomegranate seed , Grape seed , Cherry kernel , Apricot kernel , Peach kernel , Tomato seed , Poppy ,Pumpkin , Maryam thorn , Fennel ,Pistachio , Walnut ,Mustard ,Paraffin , Glycerin ,Flaxseed ,Installment , Rice bran , Wheat germ , Violet , Rose ,Osteoporosis , Chamomil , Slow , Rosemary ,Horsetail , Rabbit , Aloe vera , Lemon ,Ginger ,Cinnamon , Pecan ,Soodab , Case , Cedar ,Henna , Marigold ,Garlic ,Clove , Saqez ,Frankincense ,Turmeric , Marigold ,Elm ,Tangerine , Orange , Licorice , Hanzal , Black pepper , Red pepper , Black cumin , Cumin , Peppermint , Fenugreek ,Tarragon , Thyme , Coriander , Spring orange , Nettle , Pine , Yarrow , Amla ,Aromatic argan ,Odorless argan , Moroccan argan ,Tea tree , Jojoba , Avocado , Macadamia extract, Battery object , Kharatin , Leech , Ostrich , Camel Mountain , Egg yolk ,Eucalyptus , Sesame , Sunflower , Fragrant olive , odorless olive oil ,…………

Med-extender Gmbh is ready to supply & procure the materials, products and goods for our customers from the right source and our factory with Reasonable price, quality and access time.

We are proud to provide the materials and equipment for you from our production line and also other manufacturers, suppliers and potential contractors in accordance to your conditions and our goal is to facilitate our customer access to materials and products with the lowest possible price , maximum Quality and fast delivery . Generally , our support includes the rules for reasonable returning of goods, flexibility in the terms and conditions of payment, the best method of receiving the goods, the guarantee of the quality of the goods, flexibility in the minimum and maximum amount for the order, reduction of the delivery time ( receiving to delivery of the order), ….

Our features to meet your satisfaction are:
  • optimum price &quality
  • Ability to buy easy &quick
  • Right access to domestic &foreign suppliers
  • High efficiency and effectiveness supply