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Products :

Our Bio-nanotechnology infrastructure and high technology production line of Medex , and also accessibility to the herbal &medicinal plant and traditional extracts , help us for manufacture and produce of different kind of products in medex production institute based on the highest Quality and clinical standards, provide innovative solutions according to FDA medical device guidelines and protocols of American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) , and also EU GMP protocols.

Medex products have been produced maintaining all the beneficial features of traditional &herbal extracts (Medicinal plant extracts) , placental allografts as amniotic & chorion membrane , Umbilical cord , and Placental cotyledon which contains high levels of growth factors (GFs) , cytokines , Mesenchymal stemcells (MCSCs) , Hyaluronic acid (crosslinked complex carbohydrate), Bio-active nutrients , Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) composed of proteoglycan, glycosaminoglycan, glycoprotein, collagen (I, III, IV, VI, VIII), fibronectin, laminin, elastin, and much more regenerative bio elements for soft and hard tissue reconstruction & regenerating.