Medex bio-supplements products have been produced using bio-factors of herbal extracts (Medicinal plant extracts) , placental extracts as high levels of growth factors (GFs) , cytokines ,Bio-active nutrients , and much more regenerative bio elements for soft and hard tissue reconstruction & regenerating. These bio-supplements products are listed bellow and you could see in attached table :

Our Bio-supplement products in bio-nanotechnology in combination of herbal & traditional extracts and medicines , serve better advanced Supplements based on new born bio-nanotechnology & herbal science are produced in medex production institute and meets the highest Quality and clinical standards, provide innovative solutions according to FDA medical device guidelines and protocols of American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) , and also EU GMP protocols.

- weight loss and body builder
-Sexual power booster
- Anti-aging supper food
- Energy booster
- Anti depressant
- Immune system booster
- Cartilage reconstruction
- Fatty Liver Control
- Diabet Control
-Gastric ulcers control
- Anti virus control
- Covid -19 Control