Custom order Products

Medex bio-supplements products have been produced using bio-factors and extracts of herbal & Medicinal plants , placental extracts as high levels of growth factors (GFs) , cytokines ,Bio-active nutrients , and much more regenerative bio elements according your request.
We can produce your request in production of herbal extracts and manufacturing of products as customer order medicine , based on our bio-nano infrastructure and production facilities in the field of medicinal plants and related extracts , traditional medicine and bio-nanotechnology at the best time, quality and price.

Our Bio-nanotechnology infrastructure also access to the knowledge of herbal & traditional extracts and medicines and production , help us for manufacture and produce of your ordered medicine and products and also your requirement for raw biologic materials (placental allografts) and also herbal and traditional extracts , oils , essential oils , ….
Your order material or products are produced in medex production institute based on the highest Quality and clinical standards, provide innovative solutions according to FDA medical device guidelines and protocols of American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) , and also EU GMP protocols.

Customer orderd products and materials at least are listed bellow based on your request :
* Biologic human placental tissues and raw freezed allografts including but not limited to amniotic membrane , chorion membrane , umbilical cord , placental tissue , amniotic fluid , xenograft bone powder ,
*Medicinal Plants extracts )Water & alcoholic extracts)
*Medicinal Plants oil
* Medicinal Plants essential oil
* Bee products like as Propolis extract , Propolis extract gel , propolis Mouthwash, bee pollen , …